Weather Damage

pay attention to potential weather damage

We provide free roof inspections. We may come out to your house and go over your roof for any damage that the untrained eye might miss. 

From June to November, Louisiana and its residents are subjected to torrential rain and hurricanes. Storm damage may result if conditions are bad enough. Winds may be too strong, or debris may come your way, causing shingles and the rafters beneath to be damaged.

Damage to the roof isn’t usually obvious from the outside. Hidden harm from debris or high-speed winds is a threat that results in damage to your roof and possibly deeper. As a result, it’s critical that you inspect your attic for storm damage as soon as possible following each storm. Leaks or water damage are common manifestations of these issues. Look for water stains on your attic’s ceiling or, in the event of leaks, on the walls before the wood rots, molds or gets attacked by termites. 

After the damage has been examined, you will be advised whether or not to make a home insurance claim. If a claim is needed, we will assist the owner with the claim procedure. The deductible, which is normally between $500-$2,000, is the sole out-of-pocket expense. Roof replacements typically cost between $15,000-35,000. We will negotiate with the insurance company for you, file the claim and proceed with the plans if you as the client choose to proceed.

We respond in a timely manner when it comes to storm damage knowing your home’s roof might be compromised from the elements. When you choose Farris Roofing to inspect and repair your roof, you’re getting top-notch service.

Farris Roofing LLC can survey your roof and your windows and gutters,
then provide solutions to repair any type of storm damage.

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