commercial Roofing

protecting your business

Commercial roofing is the most advanced type of roofing. We back every roof we do with the longest warranty in the industry.

 A quality, business roof is also vital for the safety of your consumers. The appropriate roof adds value in a variety of ways. Farris Roofing has extensive experience working on commercial projects. Hotels, churches, multi-unit housing complexes, big retail complexes and other significant projects are within our portfolio.

We provide easy, detailed solutions to complicated problems at affordable prices. Our highly trained technicians are chosen for their expertise, kindness, character, and dedication to perfection. We realize how easily a slight issue may soon turn into a significant disturbance, slowing down the life of your company and costing you a pretty penny in damage repairs.

Routine maintenance and inspections are one of the greatest strategies to avoid the need for repairs or replacement of your present roof. This lets us detect possible problems before they become problems, extending the life of your roof. The issue usually manifests itself without any evident indicators at first. Don’t wait till there’s a leak to contact us!

Residents within 60 miles of DeRidder, Louisiana, can rely on Farris Roofing for expert roof repair and replacement. We are quick and efficient. We can serve as your one-stop shop for all of your roofing requirements. We strive to leave your property in better condition than when we arrived. 

Churches, shopping centers, storage units, restaurants, hotels, rental property owners and more have relied on us for being one of the best and fastest Commercial Roofing Contractors in the southern Louisiana area.

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