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We are a local company that takes great pride in excellent customer service, excellent installation, and excellent pricing. We are located in Deridder, LA and we service all of Louisiana!

What We Do

Many times, a homeowner may only notice a roof problem when it begins to leak and interferes with daily operations. When compared to the higher cost of a total roof replacement, scheduling a professional roof inspection and regular preventative roof maintenance with a reputable roof repair business before a problem with your commercial or residential roofing system becomes serious is far more cost-efficient. Our roofing professionals are here to help you safeguard the structural integrity of your home or business property as well as your peace of mind, whether you require roof repair or assistance in determining the best roof installation.



Mobile homes



Metal roofs

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Weather Damage

About Us

Professional roofing services entail much more than merely securing a few shingles on the roof. Farris Roofing takes pleasure in informing our loyal clients about the newest roofing technology before they make a purchase. Farris Roofing is owned and operated by Scott Farris. Scott was a Master Trooper for the Louisiana State Police. He was also on the SWAT team. He takes his roofing job just as seriously as he did his police job. According to the slope, structure, and location of their present roofing system, we give house and business owners practical information on the most innovative and durable roofing materials and products that would work well for their properties. To discover more about the roof construction choices that may be ideal for your home, contact our skilled team of professionals.


Our Reviews

I used Farris Roofing LLC to repair storm damage on my roof. The damage had gone unnoticed for quite some time, and I had rotting in the eaves of my roof. They repaired the rot damage and fixed the area of my roof where the leak was coming from. I am very satisfied and would recommend Farris Roofing to others.

– Matthew Thompson